Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Flowering Quatrain Bookmark

This week we had a visitor, her initials are EEE. She is an accomplished musical artist and provided me with many free concerts.  We shared a laugh at the Schubert tune that comes from my washer and my dryer indicating the end of a load.  It is the only classical music I listen to.

As a little token of our friendship I tatted the Flowering Quatrain Bookmark in Lizbeth 178 Grape Pomegranate for her.

This free pattern is by Joëlle Paulson and available on her site Le Blog de Frivole.

The pattern is easier than it looks, you start with a series of split rings down the center then tat around them.  I continued on with a Josephine chain, and after putting a few beads on the end I finished off by finger tatting a single shuttle split ring (SSSR) and hiding an end on each side of the split ring. The SSSR keeps the beads on the end and facilitates the addition of a charm using a lobster claw finding.

The treble clef charm is just clipped to the SSSR and could be changed out for any to suit your recipient. 

Friday, 6 October 2017

Fringe 2017 continued

At the conference I had a class with Jane Eborall and purchased a beautiful  bag and pink brooch.  I did tat her little heart  which she called "My Heart is in Canada". Jane gifted me with a bit of her tatting, thanks again Jane.

Randy Houtz was teaching three classes and I took two of them.  I also purchased two more of The Shuttle Brothers books.  He had lots of shuttles and samples of his work which I thoroughly enjoyed.  He has a great sense of  humor is an excellent teacher.

Much to my delight Martha Ess was also attending the conference and brought some of her books to sell.  I bought home two.  Martha also brought her amazing tatted collar and to see it in person was a real treat, it is spectacular. She modeled it for us and I have pictures but best you visit her site to see it. Then if you have any questions she can answer them for you.

Now what tatting adventure is next?

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Fringe 2017

I had a wonderful time at Fringe 2017 held in Cambridge Ontario.  But before Fringe I arrived a few days early to take in the Stratford Festival. They have a lovely walk along the shore of Lake Victoria where 22 swans reside.

I traveled with Marjorie and we saw two plays; Guys and Dolls  on Wednesday and and Bakkhai on Thursday.  After Guys and Dolls I was so overcome with emotion that I literally cried.

We left the theater Wednesday and headed off to Kingston to meet Ingrid who would be our guide into the Mennonite countryside.  We stopped at a farmers back door and I bought raw honey for my honey.  Marjorie bought plums and Ingrid, eggs, plums and potatoes.   The lady selling had lots of other homemade crafts for sale but I wanted to be careful to leave room in my luggage for tatting.  Many of the farms do not have electricity and some use buggies and horses to get around.  A few of the churches had hitching posts and outhouses.

We went to St. Jacobs for Dinner and Ingrid finished up the tour with a visit to the universities surrounding Kitchner/Waterloo area.

The next morning we traveled north to see St. Jacobs Farmers Market but we only stopped at the Antiques Store.  I found an edging book with crochet and tatting and a small hanky and a crystal which will have tatted wings added to it so it becomes an angel. 

Back to Stratford to See Bakkhai a play based on greek mythology and a tragedy.  This play was shorter so we had an evening free to snoop around the Mennonite countryside by ourselves.  We found a fantastic general store in Wallenstein.  I highly recommend a stop in to see the hats and boots in the back.  I found another little hanky (they call them honky's) and then on to Elmira then back to the hotel. 

Friday morning we had to return our rental car and had a pleasant walk back to the hotel.  The beauty about this conference is that there are stores and a variety of  restaurants all withing walking distance from the hotel.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Trim Done

Well, I finished this shirt just in time.

This simple edge was done using a King Tut Quilting thread color 918.  There is a very short color change and much shorter than the Sulky Blendables I used a few years ago.  This thread tats up a bit smaller than size 80.

I have basted the trim on using the same thread. The length of the trim is about 18 inches and goes between the shoulder seams. I slightly eased the trim to make that turn at the V.  

You can't see from this picture but I used frontside/backside tatting as this will only be seen from one side and it was a nice easy practice using this technique.

See you all in about a week as I am off to Cambridge Ontario for some new adventures and to take in Tat Days at the Fringe too.  I'll post when I get back.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Power of 3

The power of three because this pattern is 3p3. As the pattern is so easy to remember it gives me the opportunity to practice some frontside/backside tatting.   This is the trim for my second shirt and I am just over halfway done.

I am still using the King Tut thread it takes just a small amount of thread to do the trim and I plan to sew this one down along the collar binding.  This trim and the former  have used less than one bobbin of thread.

You can see a wide white elastic (I get these around broccoli and asparagus) around the spool of thread.  I use it to control how much thread unwinds.   I also use these wide elastics or rubber bands to grab the thread when I need extra grip.